Tristar Group deploys blockchain technology revolutionizing its…

Tristar Group deploys blockchain technology revolutionizing its logistics business

Transparency in the supply chain has always been difficult to achieve, but Tristar will break down those barriers using blockchain.

Reuters, Daily Mail

NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Dubai – UAE: Tristar Group announced a milestone in its digital transformation strategy as it unveiled a ground-breaking Proof of Concept (POC) using blockchain technology. Transparency in the supply chain has always been difficult to achieve, but Tristar will break down those barriers using blockchain. The platform that Tristar uses is one of the first of its kind in the world and is currently operational.

“Blockchain technology gives us the ability to provide irrevocable verification and oversight to complex processes and movements of products to our customers. Records stored in the blockchain are computationally almost impossible to alter, leading to unprecedented verification and transparency to all stakeholders involved in a particular transaction,” said Eugene Mayne, Tristar’s Group CEO.


ESHIPS parent introduces blockchain into the tanker sector

ESHIPS parent introduces blockchain into the tanker sector

While some tanker companies are talking about blockchain, others are implementing it

Craig Jallal, Riviera

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

Blockchain will be one of the innovations discussed at the forthcoming Tanker Shipping & Trade conference in the maritime digitalisation session, but some tanker companies are already using this disruptive technology.

In 2016 UAE-based liquid logistics company Tristar purchased Emirates Ship Investment Company (ESHIPS), which by extension makes ESHIPS one of the first tanker companies to use blockchain as part of its everyday operations.


How Tristar is transforming logistics with Blockchain

How Tristar is transforming logistics with Blockchain

“Twenty years ago, no one could have imagined selling everything on the Internet,” Tristar’s IT group head Adam Lalani believes 2017’s equivalent is now clear. “The world just hasn’t come up with practical Blockchain ideas yet. I think people are missing the obvious.”

James Dartnell, Tahawultech

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

Lalani believes that the main hurdle Blockchain must overcome is the ability for its users to think of innovative ways it can change the world. “I remember 20 years ago when Internet access became available, people were asking what the point of it was. You could open one or two weird websites, but not much else. Today, you can literally lie in bed and run your life over the Internet. In some ways, Blockchain is the equivalent in its potential impact.”

 Headquartered in the UAE, Tristar specialises in the handling of petroleum and chemicals including hydrocarbons, lubricants and gases, and is a trusted partner to leading energy companies. Towards the end of 2016, one of Tristar’s major energy customers indicated that they wanted to see more technological advancements from the firm, and Lalani set about implementing a selection of changes that could position Tristar as a regional leader in logistics technology.


Block Gemini: Why Dubai is becoming a hotbed for blockchain innovation

Block Gemini: Why Dubai is becoming a hotbed for blockchain innovation

The MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region is no exception when it comes to the global blockchain charge.

Mark Jones, The Block

JULY 17, 2018

Spend on the technology in MENA is set to double this year, reaching $80m (£60.7m), and when it comes to members among the blockchain top-flight, it’s hardly a surprise that glinting desert city of Dubai stands among them.

“One of the main things that people are aware of is the fact that the government in Dubai Is seeking to be the first to have all of its government-related operations on the blockchain – this is a mandate that they seek to bring into fruition by 2020,” said Anthony Lauriola, COO of full-service blockchain solutions company Block Gemini.


Block Gemini CEO: More than 40 Blockchain projects in GCC

BlockGemini CEO: More than 40 Blockchain projects in GCC

A unique system for users to chat, transfer, and trade. Simplify and introduce a whole new way of holding currencies.

Lara Abdul Malak, Unlock

JUNE 26, 2018

Unlock met with the founder and CEO of Block Gemini Mr. Christopher Fernandez to talk about their projects in the MENA region. Block Gemini is a Blockchain consultancy and solution provider based in Dubai.  As Fernandez explained, “I don’t fear cryptocurrencies or tokens, I started exploring and investing personally in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin in specific, since 2012. In early 2017, I decided to create Block Gemini to further develop the Blockchain ecosystem. Today we have over 100 employees and 7 offices in the UAE.”

Block Gemini is involved in not only developing Blockchain solutions for supply chain, finance, healthcare, Regtech and others, but also assists Blockchain startups with ICO consultancy. As Fernandez explains, “We are implementing a vast number of Blockchain solutions across UAE and supply chain management solution with TriStar…


The MEBAA Conference Dubai to feature key industry speakers

The MEBAA Conference Dubai to feature key industry speakers

The MEBAA Conference Dubai is set to bring the key business aviation leaders to DWC, Airshow Site when it takes place during the MEBAA Show in December.

Arabian Aerospace

The event will feature keynote presentations from HE Jamal Al-Hai, Deputy CEO of Dubai Airports and Badr Al-Olama, Head of Aerospace at Mubadala Investment Company; who lead the lineup of impressive industry names across the two days.

Taking place from 11 – 12 December, the MEBAA Conference brings together industry thought leaders to drive discussions focused on the opportunities and challenges facing the business aviation industry. In particular, the sessions are designed to provide tangible value to attendees and address topics ranging from those specific to the UAE to global step-changes such as technological advancements and threats.


Transitioning to a Platform Player: Block Gemini

Transitioning to a Platform Player: Block Gemini

The Zone Speaks With Blockchain Specialist, Block Gemini So You Can Learn How Blockchain Solutions Can Benefit Your Business.

The Zone

The Zone: Would you please provide us with a little background on Block Gemini?

Block Gemini opened and gained its trade license in June 2017. It is a UAE company and was founded primarily because of the well-run Smart Dubai initiative and the government’s interest in starting to use blockchain technology. This opportunity allowed the company to develop and expand and Block Gemini now has offices in three countries: the UAE, India and Luxembourg.

The Zone: What exactly is blockchain technology, and what do people use it for?

Blockchain technology is known mainly for converting traditional paper contracts to smart contracts, which enable customers to get work done easily and efficiently. How does the smart contract work? It works with a computer code that allows all different types of documents to be legal. Using this form of technology, you can find out whether any of the parties is right or wrong, along with penalties given to people at fault. The computer code is important as it is considered the ‘court’ that provides litigation.


Block Gemini leverages blockchain to optimize logistics

Block Gemini leverages blockchain to optimise logistics

Dubai-based startup Block Gemini has worked with Tristar Group to provide blockchain solutions for logistics and transportation

Carla Sertin, Oil & Gas Middle East

Dubai-based startup Block Gemini has developed a blockchain logistics solution which it deployed with Tristar Group. “We are mainly focusing on supply chain initiatives so we have a last mile delivery track and trace solution,” says Block Gemini co-founder and CEO, Christopher Fernandez.

He and his brother co-founded the startup in 2017 with ‘smart contracts’ in mind. With blockchain-enabled smart contracts, bureaucratic processes become more transparent. Smart contracts are a set of rules placed on top of a blockchain which all parties agree to. If those rules and conditions are met, the smart contract can negotiate the pending transaction or agreement. “It removes layers of bureaucracy and puts it all in one process,” Fernandez says. “Everyone is on the same distributed ledger, and this is very important in the oil industry when you might be signing a deal or there are special conditions in place.”

Tomorrow Street

Tomorrow Street announces partnership with Block Gemini

Tomorrow Street announces partnership with new portfolio company Block Gemini

Tomorrow Street

Tomorrow Street is excited to welcome Block Gemini to join its Luxembourg-based innovation centre. Based in Dubai, Block Gemini enables organisations to transform their business through the development and deployment of blockchain technologies.

The partnership was formed following a successful collaboration with Vodafone Procurement Company to deliver a blockchain solution that supports Vodafone’s digital procurement transformation journey. The solution replaces traditional manual procurement processes, with a single source of accurate real-time pricing information, and can generate valuable data insights into pricing trends, and market comparisons across Vodafone’s substantial commitment. Over the coming year, further enhancements will be developed before the solution is rolled out across Vodafone’s….


Al Ghurair | Real Estate

Case Studies | Real Estate

Digitizing facility management processes to simplify stakeholder engagement


Block Gemini - AG logo

Al Ghurair Properties


  • Gathering of inadequate information.
  • Loss of unaccounted data.
  • Turnaround times could take up to 18 hours to address.
  • Almost no audit trails to track activity.
  • Human errors accounted for higher operational cost.


  • Develop a facilities management system.
  • simplify the process of issuing, responding and managing maintenance requests. 
  • Multi-tenant applications to improve stakeholder connectivity and engagement.
  • Digitize ticketing system.


  • Decreased response time for maintenance requests.
  • Digitized ticketing issuance system and improved lifecycle tracking.
  • Improved resolution disputes of services. 

Client Challenge

UAE-based business group, Al Ghurair, had found that its manual and paper-based process of managing maintenance requests from their tenants at their facilities was an overly complex and cumbersome task. This resulted in the gathering of inadequate information, loss of unaccounted-for data, delays in incident resolutions, and almost no audit trails to trace activity.

Al Ghurair recognized that without a digital and consolidated solution between key stakeholders, daily maintenance operations would continue to incur these issues. Al Ghuarair found that human errors accounted for higher operational costs and increased turnaround time while taking maintenance requests. Even with 70 technicians being managed by 8 supervisors, turnaround times could take up to 18 hours to address a maintenance request, let alone resolve. From receiving maintenance requests to checking technician availability via telephone, there were several factors that delay the process of addressing maintenance incidents.

Our Solution Approach

Block Gemini’s objective for this project was to digitize and automate the manual processes involved in managing maintenance requests at Al Ghurair’s facilities. By building a facilities management system that could account for stakeholders through multi-tenant applications, data could flow from one stakeholder’s application to another. This would enable tenants, supervisors, and technicians to digitally interact with one another in a more siloed, direct, and seamless manner. Our goal was to simplify the process of issuing, responding, and managing maintenance requests.

The End Results

Al Ghurair now leverages a multi-tenant facilities management system through 3 interconnected applications. Tenants are now able to fill out and directly submit maintenance request tickets on the Tenant Mobile Application within a matter of minutes. From there, supervisors can receive these tickets on a mobile or web application, and directly assign them to an available technician’s mobile device. Each ticket entails details of the incident, location, start time and media files for visual representation (photos and videos). Supervisors are also now able to stage each process of maintenance request until completion, whereas before they weren’t. This is now made possible by the technicians’ ability to remotely update tickets, leave comments and mark completion with proof of work.  


Faster response time to maintenance requests.


Efficient workforce planning and resource utilization.


Improved tracking and resolution of maintenance tickets.

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