AI Surveillance System

An AI surveillance solution that captures in-depth data

A smart surveillance system that leverages Artificial Intelligence to collect and process
data based insights, that can also integrate with existing surveillance systems

Key Business Pains

Common issues with traditional
surveillance systems

Without smart technologies, surveillance systems are very limited in producing business growth and only serve as a means to ensure security. Despite the benefits they provide, surveillance data is rarely processed and requires constant monitoring to pin-point activity.

Unutilized Data
Data from traditional systems do not capture, process and make sense of data in a insightful manner and require manual oversight to pinpoint activity


Difficult to monitor
Traditional surveillance systems typically require the constant focus and attention of manpower which can entail human errors during the monitoring process.


Lack of Alerts & Notification
Most surveillance systems lack automotive trigger alerts and notification features, which causes critical information to be overlooked or missed by stakeholders.

Solution Approach

Our Approach to AI-based
Surveillance Systems

An AI-based surveillance platform that monitors subjects (such as customers or retail vendors) and their activity in a multi-facet manner to provide stakeholders with in-depth data regarding behavior, activity, performance and more.

Smart AI Engine

Multi-facet Analytics

Auto Generated Reports

Consumer/Retail Tracking

Surveillance Dashboard

Monitor your facility, customers
and vendors in real-time with AI

The surveillance dashboard monitors activity and users in real-time as AI algorithms pick up on activity to feed the back-end for further analysis.

Dashboard Features:

Analytics Dashboard

Get deeper insights on environmental activity

Administrators can leverage the analytics dashboard to better understand activity, behavior and performance based data to improve or enhance the processes surrounding their business initiatives.

Dashboard Features:

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Key Business Benefits 

Increase business growth
with AI Surveillance

By integrating AI into existing or new surveillance systems, business owners can better understand the activity that happens within their facility and optimize business processes accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence Engine

Through tracked and captured data, the AI Engine processes information and produces outcomes, such as identifying activity, automating functions, and more.

Agnostic Integrations

Integrate with existing surveillance equipment and systems (as an application layer), or adopt as a standalone system. Both on and off premise can be provided.

Configurable Analytical

Customized analytics dashboard that processes captured data to output information on activity, behavior, performance and more.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Through AI and pre-configured conditions, receive automated system alerts and notifications to stay updated on key activities

Technology & Features

The Building Blocks to AI
Surveillance System

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

Consumer and vendor activity is tracked using AI detection technology (Machine learning, AI timestamps, etc)

Existing and new surveillance systems can be easily integrated

Flexible options for facilitating application on and off premise

Used to store authentic data for analytics, reports and more.

Features & Function

Features & Function

• AI Detection
• AI Timestamps

• System Alerts
• Notifications

• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing

Values, benefits & outcomes

Smart Data Reporting
Through AI detection, data gathering and analytical outputs, reveal consumer behavior, demography, vendor performance ratings and more.
Optimize Security & Safety

Through facial recognition, deep learning and other AI algorithms, pinpoint users down to physical attributes, time, location and more to improve surveillance operations

Informed Decision Making
Make justifiable business decisions by tracking vendor performance and consumer behavior alike to improve traffic flow, revenue, and more.

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