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Digitize value through Asset-backed Tokens

Our asset tokenization services can help you convert the ownership rights of your assets into blockchain-based digital tokens through the use of smart contracts.

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What is Asset Tokenization?

Digitizing traditional assets
for a digital world

Asset Tokenization is the method of converting ownership rights in an asset, such as company shares, real estate, commodities, etc into a Blockchain-based digital token through smart contracts. In comparison to traditional methods, asset-back tokens inherently increase the level of automation, security, transparency, and market accessibility to investors of all financial brackets. Asset-backed tokens offer back-and-forth convertibility as a financial tool that enables investors to own assets in a liquid form while maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Benefits of tokenizing an asset

Eliminates Intermediaries

Through smart contracts, automated transactions of assets can be facilitated under specific set conditions without the need for intermediaries.

Fractional Ownership

Asset-backed tokens are highly divisible and enable investors to purchase a percentage of the tokenized assets. Tokenization empowers small-scale investors to enter the market eliminating the high entry barriers associated with traditional investments.

Wider Market Reach

Enables a wider investor base to participate in the investment process while allowing smallholders to diversify their investment portfolio into assets that they could not previously afford.

Improved Liquidity

Asset tokenization enables automated transactions of ownership while ensuring compliance is met through fiat money and P2P trading on regulated exchanges


Asset-backed tokens are structured to legally comply with security laws due to the fact that they are backed by real-world assets.

Tokenization Processes

Interested in tokenizing an
asset? Here’s how.

We help you tokenize your assets by following industry-standard processes that align with both technical and compliance requirements, ensuring the legitimacy of your offering.

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Asset Identification

We help you identify the type of asset your company wishes to tokenize. For example, equity, real estate, or commodities, etc

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Business Requirements

We will then analyze and evaluate your business model to get a clear vision of how your tokenized platform will create and deliver value.

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Token Economics

A token economics strategy, determining the total tokens minted and distributed, is then defined to create an ideal transactional economy between buyers and sellers.

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Technical Development

Technical requirements are then identified so that development and testing can take place to align with the preparation outlined. 

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Tokenization Offerings

The endless possibilities
of token assets

The benefits of tokenization is that they are applicable to a variety of asset classes, and by leveraging Blockchain, we enable greater investment opportunities to eliminate the need for dependency on high net worth individuals only. From real-estate property to valuable art collects, we offer tokenization of assets such as:


Tokenizing property allows one to split the asset into tokens. These tokens represent a specific number of shares of a real estate, and can be sold at any time as per the investors convenience.


By tokenizing artwork, you can distribute shares, register an art piece’s unique identity, trace the history and provenance, or find new value by exploring  fundraising models or assign royalties to collect on sales.


Evolve a unique litigation finance model on blockchain and use the power of peer to peer to unlock the full potential of a decentralized community.


Security tokens can take a number of forms based on the type of asset being tokenized or even the extent of rights being offered to the token holders. The categories are as follows: equity token, reserve asset, dept., etc. 


By tokenizing commodities, you give a wider range of people from all over the world access to global trade in a way that serves a broader range of wealth. If you increase the market activity that means more liquidity and market depth with great price discovery. 


Investment Funds

Evolve a unique litigation finance model on blockchain and use the power of peer to peer to unlock the full potential of a decentralized community.

Stable Coins

Stable coins play a fundamental role in the world of asset tokenization. They fulfill the role of connecting holders to token issuers. Stable coins allow you to exchange your tokens for fiat currency without the worries of high fluctuations or volatility.

VC Funded

Build the case for why your company drives value through your offering to better inform investors during your crowd sale

Illiquid Asset

Represent your illiquid asset through a tokenized asset to ensure ownership in secure, distributed and tamper-proof manner.

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