Core Team

Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Fernandez

Chris has founded multiple projects in the digital space valued in the millions, creating over 1000 jobs in a career spanning over 20 years and counting.

Chief Financial Officer

Yaseen Essack

Yaseen comes with a rich experience in managing finances for multinational corporations, including but not limited to financial planning, risk analysis and projections.

Chief Product Officer

Bayden Austin

Bayden oversees product strategy, development, design, and research at Block Gemini, and has an exceptional talent for developing unique features that consistently surpass customer expectations.

Chief Blockchain Officer

Sakaar Bhatia

Sakaar has a wealth of experience developing diverse projects using blockchain technologies that include Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Quorum, EOS, & Sawtooth.

Solutions Architect

Anup Gupta

Anup is a blockchain evangelist and has over 16 years of experience building solutions for tech giants including IBM, Dell, Citibank and Publicis Sapient Corporation.


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