Blockchain Development Services

We provide enterprise-grade blockchain solutions to maximize efficiencies.

From SME to enterprise-grade solutions, our technical team is highly skilled in blockchain development and is well versed in developing various application types based on your business requirements and use cases.

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Secure Data Immutably

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Automate Transactions

Our Philosophy on Technologies & Tools

Although we understand that technologies and tools can be reliant on industries standards, solution approaches and much more, we believe that the best practice is to maintain an agnostic approach to avoid limitations in the development process. Our technical team is well versed in various technologies, tools and languages and has experience in implementing solutions in different industries and verticals.

Applications of Blockchain

Integrate a number of blockchain concepts to drive more secure, automated and transparent value to your organization. Whether you’re looking to integrate blockchain as an application layer on top of your existing legacy system, or require a full scale stand alone blockchain solution, Blockchain is applicable to a variety of verticals pertaining to business transactions, management of data, enhancing features, values and automated capabilities.
Benefits of Blockchain
Blockchain Consulting
We help organizations understand the applications and capabilities of blockchain, all while guiding them to integrate it efficiently.
Blockchain Development
We also deploy private blockchain as define by our clients business requirements to drive the most efficient outcomes
Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts provide self executing automotive transactions with set conditions as outlined by key stakeholders

Smart Contract Auditing

Through smart contract auditing, we scrutinize and meticulously analyze the integrity of the code, find bugs, errors, and more.

Blockchain products we’ve developed

Digital Identity Management
Empowering service providers to securely validate and trust identity claims
Commercial Contract Management
Manage contracts and reduce disputes through single source of truth
Track & Trace Optimization
Enable more transparency and optimization within transportation processes
Product Serialization / Traceability

Enhance your  application’s current infrastructure with properly configured microservices, reliable APIs, data integration and application development

Aircraft UAV Maintenance Inspection

Modify and upgrade your legacy system application with in-depth features and functions to eliminate liability risks, maintenance and limited integration capabilities

Customs Clearenance
Optimize your current data infrastructures with effective data management strategy, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation through new emerging technologies
Digital Wallet & Encrypted Chat
A blockchain based digital wallet and chat application with encryption to secure all data
STO Investment Dashboard
A blockchain, modular based investment tool used to facilitate STO fundraising processes

Industries we proudly serve

Protect sensitive data, enable trust, and enhance transparency in service and program
Oil & Gas
Store and leverage transmitted data to better track and automate business transactions
Guarantee and provide product authenticity while improving trust within consumers
Track the provenance of produce to hold all stakeholders accountable in a trustless environments
Automate processes through transmitted data in supply chain and business transactions
Consolidate data sharing in a secure manner while automating transactions to reduce manual processes
Enhance trust in services through immutable data storing, automated transactions and more
Leverage secure mechanisms to reduce counterfeiting, track provenance and more

Our Development Processes & Lifecycle

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