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Commercial Contract Management System

A secured and variable contract management system

A commercial contract management tool built on Hyperledger Fabric and acts as a single source of truth through the immutable and secure nature of blockchain.

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Inefficient Processes

Lack of visibility, inconsistent legal language, information silos and manual processes make operational throughput highly dependent on human resources and coordination


Limited Automation

Existing contract management tools work in silos and require manual efforts to update and complete a contracts lifecycle.


Chances of Human Error

With nonunified platforms and multiple resources to manage, the current processes of delegating contracts highlight an alarming potential for human error.


Contractual Disputes

Non-trustless environments create conditions where disputes are difficult to resolve due to a lack of transparency and separate data silos on both sides.

Our approach
to contract management

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Organizational Hierarchies

Create organizational hierarchies and set authorization-based roles across the organization and external stakeholders involved.
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Private Channels

Create private channels with restrictions to control what stakeholders can access on a priority and security basis accordingly.
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Approval Workflows

Create and define basic to complex workflows to support contract management processes and optimize efficiencies to accommodate requirements
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Bulk Actions

Leverage bulk actions on contracts for seamless management experience and minimizing reactive and daunting tasks.
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Legacy system integration

Integrate as an application layer on top of existing legacy systems and ERPs
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