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About BlockGemini

We are a consultancy, blockchain & software development firm

Our core mission is to provide enterprise-grade solutions and services through new emerging technologies.


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Our Offices

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Our Mission

We innovate to raise the standards while helping enterprises overcome operational and business challenges.

Through the power of blockchain, we foresee a future where organizations embody the empowerment of integrity, trust and security. Our mission is to build seamless customer experience and drive the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology to multiple industry sectors.

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Leveraging Our Experience

We have successfully delivered enterprise grade solutions within various industry verticals such as supply chain and logistics, identity management, finance, and more. By leveraging a wide range of expertise, we have formulated strategies that have proven to elevate organizations to new heights.

Our strategy is simple - build strong customer relationships by proving capability.


Tristar Transport

Oil & Gas Supply Chain

The blockchain-based logistics optimization solution launched in collaboration with Tristar Transport was awarded the “Technology Implementation of the Year”.


Ghobash Group (Arabian Ethicals)

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Block Gemini is supporting Arabian Ethicals and its partners in establishing a blockchain-platform for tracking the provenance of pharmaceuticals across a cold chain. The project is set to be deployed at the pilot stage this year.

Core Values

Commitment to Customers

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our Organization is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service, listening to customer requests and being reachable at all times.


In Block Gemini, we strive to uphold the values and principles laid out in every way or form. Our team is observational and intellectually honest.


When it comes to our staff, we want nothing but the best for them. We have a firm belief in their reliability, and ability to complete the tasks at hand no matter what the obstacle may be.


The only way to discover the limits of what technology can actually do is to go beyond its limits into the impossible. The road to success is to prove the imaginable.


Our passion for work is the energy that drives us. By focusing on what we are passionate about, we aim to pave the road to success for both clients and our establishment.


The strength in our staff lies in diversity. Our organization entails individuals with different industry knowledge, backgrounds and expertise; a formula that shines when we come together to build something spectacular.


Let's Innovate Together.

We are always on the lookout for talented, brightminded individuals to come and join us here at Block Gemini.