Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

Revolutionizing Finance through Blockchain Technology

As technology advances, the world seldomly adapts. Since the inception of Blockchain, the finance industry has seen a polarizing shift in decentralized services across the globe.

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What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)?

Redefining finance in a traditional world

Traditionally, the financial system has always maintained a centralized infrastructure managed by central authorities. Decentralized Finance or DeFi is a blockchain-based form of finance that does not rely on central financial intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks to offer traditional financial instruments, and instead utilizes smart contracts on blockchain.

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Highly Programmable

Tamper-proof Data


Greater Transparency


Identified services for decentralized finance solutions

Unlock a variety of new economic opportunities using blockchain technology. Our services have helped clients to integrate DeFi solutions into existing ecosystems and new projects. We understand that decentralized concepts rival centralized services, and in doing so, we maintain and uphold the transparent, accessible and resilient elements of blockchain to provide transformative solutions. Below are some use cases that our clients regularly seek.

Asset Management

With decentralized protocols, become the custodian of your crypto assets. Securely interact with decentralized applications using your crypto wallets to buy, sell, or transfer your crypto assets without the need for any external intermediaries.

Peer-to-peer Payments

Defi enables users to exchange cryptocurrency securely and directly with one another, without middlemen. DeFi payment solutions create a more open economic system and replace the currently expensive, slow, bank-driven processes that dominate online payment systems today.

Analytics and Risk Management

Synthetic asset issuance is basically the method of generating a digital commodity token that mimics the properties of something else, analogous to how a stable coin exactly suits the value of the currency or asset to which it is pegged. For example, a synthetic asset can be made up of a certain percentage of fiat money and gold. This process aids in the absorption of any future price shocks, so if gold prices fluctuate, fiat money can back it up and keep the end value stable.

Lending and Borrowing

Through a decentralized interest rate algorithm, we can provide a solution that allows users to earn interest on blockchain currencies that are supplied to lending pools.  Smart contracts can automate the matching of borrowers and lenders, all while calculating interest rates based on the ratio of borrowed to supplied assets.

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Leverage transformative compliance solutions that revolve around the reliability of a participant’s blockchain address, rather than their identity itself. With “know-your-transactions” mechanisms, DeFi compliance solutions can help assess verification protocols in real-time and prevent fraud and financial criminality.


Stablecoins are blockchain currencies/assets that peg their market value to a particular asset, such as a fiat currency, gold, and more. These coins are developed to reduce volatility, making them ideal candidates for viable payment solutions, such as remittance payments, lending, borrowing and more.

Decentralized Exchanges

Through a decentralized exchange, transactions can be facilitated without the need for a central authority. Create a platform where users can transact blockchain currencies on a peer-to-peer level, all while maintaining control. Through decentralized attributes, the risk of price manipulation, hacking and theft are completely removed.

Analytics & Data

Through the attributes of Blockchain mechanisms, DeFi solutions can enable data discovery and analytics to improve decision making. Enhance financial opportunities and risk management using numerous tools and dashboards that help track the value emitted from DeFi protocols.

Additional considerations


Help users buy coverage and protect their holdings using DeFI.

Margin trading

Automate brokerage activity with non-custodial lending protocols.


Allow users to exchange products and services on a P2P level.

And much more!

From derivatives to gaming, we offer additional unlisted services.

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Leverage turn-key, blockchain-based DeFi solutions to tackle your project’s requirements. Our solutions are strategy driven and have helped organizations to enhance their services.

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STO Investment

Accelerate your projects fund raising process with end-to-end tools.

digital Identity management

Integrate blockchain-based identity system in DeFi protocols to optimize service processes.

Mobile Wallet & chat

Leverage a robust mobile wallet with a blockchain-based payment system, decentralized wallet and more.

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