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Mobile Wallet & Chat Application

Simplify the meaning of digital money trades and transfer

A unique system for users to chat, transfer, and trade. Simplify and introduce a whole new way of holding currencies that includes a mobile wallet, an exchange and chatting features that enables interactions with other users on the platform

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Guaranteed Transparency

Optimized Transactions

Secure Trade Execution

Common issues with current online banking methods

Cost Intensive
To transfer funds from one account to another, there are a lot of intermediaries that the funds need to go through before reaching the end destination, thus increasing the cost.
With all the intermediaries that funds need to go through before it reaches its end destination causes the funds not to show immediately in the receiver account, unlike digital currency.
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While technology has advanced a lot in the modern age there is still the possibility that recorded transactions can be modified in multiple ways allowing fraudulent practices to continue.

Our Approach to Mobile Wallet, Exchange and Chat

By using Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology, allow users to make highly secure, transparent and fully traceable interactions on the platform.

Multi-Currency Wallet

A fully customizable wallet that can hold a wide range of digital currencies of your choice, including live updates coin price charts. Users can control what variables they would like to see in the settings me

Send and Receive directly to your wallets.

Allow your users to transfer funds without the worry that it will not show up on time. They can view their transaction progress and can validate transactions with a pin or 2fa. As well as view all the necessary transaction details.

Chat and transfer funds to peers directly

Included in the application is a chat functionality that allows users to start a one on one, group, or private chat. Within this feature users can also transfer funds directly through the chat to simplify the process even more.

The Building Blocks to Mobile Wallet & Chat

Technology & Tools

– Blockchain Agnostic
Uses any blockchain framework to build the application
– Digital Wallet
Stores both blockchain base currency and fiat currency
Peer-to-peer Network
Distributed application architecture that partitions workloads between peers

Features & Function

– Network Attributes
• Private Channels
• P2P Transactions
– Digital Wallet
• Blockchain Currency
• Fiat currency

Values, benefits & outcomes

Store multiple currencies

Store multiple currencies, whether fiat or Blockchain currency to accommodate any payment scenario with peer-to-peer network transactions

Secure network transactions
Through blockchain, currency transactions can be made securely through direct chat payment transfers

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