Digital Identity Management

A Secure, Blockchain-based Digital Identity Solution

Our digital identity management platform enables users to own, control and present their identity details, all while empowering service providers to securely validate and trust identity claims.

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Common issues with traditional methods

Registration Processes
Regardless if you’re applying for a bank or social media account, separate platforms generally tend to require similar and repetitive KYC processes.
Authentication Protocols
Both single and two factor authentications present some form of vulnerability for traditional digital identity management systems.
Lack of
Restricted Access
Once an entity has obtained personal information, a lack of preventative measures enable unauthorized use or mishandling of data (ex. sharing to 3rd parties)

Our approach to digital identity

A self-sovereign, digital identity management platform powered by blockchain which enables users to own, control and present their data in a trusted ecosystem that allows service providers to securely validate identity claims.

User Mobile Application

The user app allows individuals to secure, protect and manage identification details to reaffirm the power of ownership.

Admin Dashboard & Mobile App

The Admin Dashboard and Mobile App allows entities, such as agencies, governments and companies to manage and identify user identities according to their processes.

Technology, Tools & Features


Decentralized Identifiers

Puts control of your personal data back into your hands rather than being in the hands of industry giants.
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Biometric Encryption

Biometric encryption protects the platform from various attacks like Spoofing, Masquerade attack, Trojan horse attacks etc.
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Data transfers from users to entities are facilitated through Peer-to-Peer transactions in order to provide more security and ownership of data.
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AI based verification

Biometric artificial intelligence will map facial features and match them with existing government documents (photo ID) to authenticate identities.
– Agency & User Management
• AI Detection
• AI Timestamps
– Real-time Updates
• System Alerts
• Notifications
– Reports & Analytics
• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing

Values, benefits & outcomes

Trustless interactions
User identity data is immutable and access restricted within the digital identity platform ecosystem to prevent misuse and mishandling, thus, reinsuring service provider trust
Automates verifications
Verifying and authenticating identities are automated, and do not require 3 rd party verifiers and the endured costs through artificial intelligence and decentralized identifiers.
Eliminates Paper-processes
By digitizing and streamlining the request of identities and verification processes, paper-based processes can be eliminated and reduce overall costs.

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