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In today’s competitive landscape, keeping up-to-date with emerging technologies is not enough. Through our strategy-driven solutions, we help organizations to derive the true value of digital transformation.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Enhance and optimize supply chain operations using the latest emerging technologies.

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Transportation Optimization

Digitally transforming existing processes that can be converged with technology.

Optimize your Logistics & Transportation Management System

Enable more transparency and optimization within your supply chain.


Commercial Contract Management

A single source of truth through the immutable and secure nature of blockchain

A secured and verifiable contract management system

A Blockchain-based commercial contract management system that allows you securely manage contracts.


Blockchain Product Traceability

Ensure end customers can discover the provenance of products

Broaden your understanding of the products that you use

Take existing processes and optimize them while tracking every stage on blockchain & IoT.


Customs Clearance Management

Tracks imports and exports for customs related initiatives within supply chain companies

Accurately track imports and exports

This solution tracks imports and exports on land, sea, and air, all while bringing customs and supply chain companies together.



Simplify compliance and regulatory initiatives with secure blockchain solutions.

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Digital Identity Management

Enable users to own, control and present their identity details, all while empowering service providers.

A Secure, Blockchain-based Digital Identity Solution

A self-sovereign, digital identity management platform powered by blockchain which enables users to own, control and present their data


STO Investment Dashboard

Accelerate your projects fund raising process with end-to-end tools. 

End-to-End STO Development to make you market ready

Get market ready with a set of tools to seamlessly raise investments according to your requirements



Increase business growth by leveraging digital and data-driven solutions.

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AI Customer Service

Utilize the power of AI to provide an unparalleled customer experience.

Reduce Resources & Improve Inquires

Eliminate the need for customer service personnel and replace it with an augmented data structure


Vending Machine Management

Automate inventory management and facilitate cashless payment transactions. 

Optimized Inventory and Payment Transactions

Retrofit existing vending machines with IoT devices and blockchain technology


Vendor Discounting Platform

Provide users with unique discounts & promotional offers to their favorite stores, vendors, restaurants, etc.

Display discount and promotional offers in a consolidated manner

Completely digitize the discounting and offering process to maintain eco-friendly practices


Real Estate

Digitize and improve multi-stakeholder engagements while simplifying real estate or property management processes.

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Facilities Management

Digitize manual processes involved in managing facilities, technicians and various tenant initiatives.

Digitize Processes with our Facility Management System

Enable tenants, supervisors, and technicians to digitally manage maintenance requests.



Improve customer experience as a service provider with blockchain driven finance and social tools.

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Mobile Wallet & Chat

A unique mobile application system for users to chat, transfer, and trade.

Simplify the meaning of digital money trades and transfer

Allow users to make highly secure, transparent and fully traceable interactions using blockchain.


Surveillance & Monitoring

Leverage under utilized data via surveillance systems to improve overall business decisions within any industry.

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AI Surveillance System

Collect & process data based insights using AI, existing or new surveillance systems.

An AI surveillance solution that captures in-depth data

A surveillance platform that monitors users and and pre-configured activity in a multi-facet manner


Automatic License Plate Recognition

Monitor vehicle entries and exits in real-time, recall historical data and more.

Accurately Monitor & Track the Departure & Arrival of Vehicles

Automate port of entries and exits autonomously in a manner that verifies drivers


Aviation Surveillance & Inspection

Improve and speed up turnaround systems, aircraft inspection time, automated alerts and data processing.

Enhance Turnaround Systems using Artificial Intelligence

Collect and utilize data for driving efficiencies within turnaround system processes using the state of the art artificial intelligence.


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