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Customs Management

Accurately track imports and exports

A Blockchain-powered Logistics solution that tracks imports and exports for customs related initiatives within supply chain companies

Maintenance Ticketing System

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Contract Management

Technician Management

KPI & Data Analytics

Common issues with traditional methods

Customs clearance can be one of the biggest hurdles in successful international ocean freight and air freight shipping. Logistical missteps and miscommunications can be the result of language barriers, time zones, distances and paperwork.
Manual & Outdated Processes
Outdated and manual processes entail human errors, delayed processes, are non transparent and much more.
Lack of Analytical Reporting
When systems are not interconnected, there is a lack of analytics revolving import and export orders, KPIs, updates, and more
Delayed Communication
Traditionally, custom processes lack the ability for real-time updates, alerts and notification of import or export activity.

Our Approach to Customs Management

A Blockchain-powered customs dashboard for logistics. This solution tracks imports and exports on land, sea, and air, all while bringing customs and supply chain companies together on a unified and consolidated digital platform

Admin Customs Dashboard

The Admin Dashboard allows administrators to get overview insights on analytic summaries, orders and invoices, import and export summaries, and the ability to further review and discover order details separately.
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Client Customs Dashboard

The Client Dashboard allows your client to keep updated and aware of current shipment summaries, shipment stages, details of stages and the ability to search and filter past, current and upcoming orders.
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Solution Benefits

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Live Import/Export Tracking
Tracking of imports and exports in real-time to better manage planning and preparation processes that surround supply chain operations.
Analytics Reports
Discover data related insights through auto generated analytics reports on imports/exports, operation activity, time, durations, and more.
Update & Notification Center
Get live updates and notifications on imports/exports shipment stages, new analytic reports, orders updates and more.
Admin & Client Web-based Portals
Leverage separate and secure dashboards for admins and clients to keep relevant stakeholders informed on key operational activities and statuses.

The Building Blocks to Customs Management

Technology & Tools

– Blockchain
All data stored is captured into a private blockchain network with permissioned read/write access
– On-Premise or Cloud
Deploy the Customs platform solution on-premise or cloud
– IoT Device Integrations
Integrate IoT devices to transmit data and automate processes
– Admin Portal Dashboard
Each stakeholder invited to the platform is provided access with configurable restrictions

Features & Function

– Analytic Outputs
• Account Summary

• Order Details
– Shipment Tracking
• Stage Tracking
• Shipment Status
– Reports & Analytics
• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing
– Order Management
• Filter Search
• Orders Status

Values, benefits & outcomes

Trustless interactions
Business interactions between all stakeholders become more transparent and confined to a set of requirements that must be abided by, thus creating a more trustless environment between each other.
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Automates Verification
Processes and clearance statuses can be automated in a verified manner to provide real-time updates across all customs processes and reduce time spent on paper based processes.
In Depth Analytical Insight
A consolidated data based dashboard that provides stakeholders with analytics and metrics of orders and shipments across the custom process.

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