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ALPR Tracking Platform

Accurately Monitor & Track the Departure & Arrival of Vehicles

Our APR platform is designed to accurately track the arrivals and departures of vehicles. Monitor vehicle entries and exits in real-time, recall historical data and audit entry logs to further assist you in making important business decisions.

Seamless Integration

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Reliable data tracking

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User friendly

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Advanced Controls

Our approach to Automatic License Plate Recognition

Our ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) system enables facility owners to automate port of entries and exits autonomously in a manner that verifies drivers using the latest state of the art artificial intelligence. Likewise, this solution comes equipped with analytics and activity logs so that stakeholders can track activity in relations to operational KPI’s

Real Time Activity Tracking

Within the surveillance module, your team will have the ability to track entry and exit points to the facility at once. The platform is fully customizable and can be configured to show necessary details and camera angles, such as registered vehicles, license plate numbers, time logs and more.

Advanced Analytical Data

Separately analyze each access point to provide a more focused view of departures and arrivals. Dive deeper into the details and discover exactly who departed or arrived, at what time and for how long.

Entry Log Module

Simplify auditing processes with the entry log module. Recall specific entry logs (or multiple logs), specify the details and click search to filter out your results.

Solution Benefits

Optimize Outbound Processes
Analyze analytical data of your outbound trips to evaluate and make important business decisions.
AI-Based Technology
Minimize the impact of human error and accurately capture plate numbers for reliable entry logs.
On & Off Premise
Initiate a quick PoC implementation on or off premise, the ALPR platform can be quickly deployed.
Overview Analytics
Improve efficiencies across operations by monitoring reliable KPI indicators of delivery stats.
Transparent entry logs

With unique identifiers, you can pinpoint exactly when vehicles arrive, depart, and the duration of their trips.

Flexible Camera Integrations
The ALPR platform can integrate with existing camera feeds without the need for new cameras (unless otherwise specified)

The Building Blocks to ALPR

Technology & Tools

– Artificial Intelligence
Utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to greatly surpass legacy OCR solutions
– Flexible Camera Integration
Gain access to existing camera feeds without the need for new ALPR cameras
On & Off Premise
Flexible options for facilitating application on and off premise
– Blockchain (Optional)
All data stored is captured into a private blockchain network with permissioned read/write access

Features & Function

– Data Capture
• AI Timestamps
• Machine Learning
– Real-time, Access Control Visualization, Integrations
• Web Interface
– Reports & Analytics
• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing

Values, benefits & outcomes

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Optimize Tracking Flows
Learn more about driver behavior through the use of data tracking departures and arrivals
Improve Data Reporting
AI-based surveillance technology that accurately captures license plate numbers for entry logs.
Automate Security Protocols
Improved access controls to reduce time-intensive manual processes and contribute to better traffic flow .

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