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Retail Facility Management

Digitize Processes with our Facility Management System

Our Facilities Management System digitizes manual processes involved in managing facilities, technicians and various tenant initiatives through an interconnected system

Maintenance Ticketing System

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Contract Management

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Technician Management

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KPI & Data Analytics

Common issues with traditional methods

Traditional and outdated methods of managing facilities are limited, require manual processes and make the management process difficult to navigate.
Manual & Outdated Processes
From building reports to assigning maintenance tasks, manual methods tend to prolong management processes of assets, resources and operations
Prolong Payment Processes
Without an automatic direct bank transfer, traditional methods, such as cheques or physical currencies, entail the possibility of prolong payments and delays
Indirect Communication
Communication lines are not unified or consolidated on one channel, and complicate the management of customer service, internal management and more

Our Approach to Facility Management

Our Facility Management System enables both tenants and supervisors to digitally manage processes such as maintenance requests, tenant contracts, assigning tasks and much more through the use of an admin management dashboard and tenant mobile application.

Supervisor Dashboard & Mobile App

Supervisors can effortlessly manage technicians and assign them work orders (maintenance requests) as per his availability. Furthermore, supervisors can monitor and track the full cycle of work orders and update management accordingly.
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Technician Mobile App

Technicians can now digitally and remotely receive work orders for maintenance requests with detailed information on location, task requirements, multimedia references and more.
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Tenant Mobile App

Tenants can now easily submit maintenance requests, make payments and manage their contracts without having to follow the manual and long process of communicating back and forth with supervisors.
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Solution Benefits

Maintenance Ticketing System
An integrated ticketing system that allows tenants to directly submit maintenance requests to supervisors without the need to communicate via call or email
Technician Management
A Management module that allows supervisors to onboard and manage technicians, assign maintenance tasks and much more.
KPI Analytics & Reports
An analytics dashboard that processes captured data to output KPI information on technicians, performance, operations and more.
Payment & Contract Management
Allow tenants to make direct payments, and manage or renew contracts through a consolidated mobile application.

The Building Blocks to Retail Facility Management

Technology & Tools

– Blockchain (Smart Contracts)
All data stored is captured into a private blockchain network with permissioned read/write access
– Payment Processing Integration
Existing payment providers can be integrated
– Cloud & On-premise Deployment
Agnostic deployment options
– Language & framework agnostic
Solution can be set up in any language/framework
– Mobile and Web Application
All relevant stakeholders will entail their own application

Features & Function

– Issue Request Ticketing System
• Application form
• Ticket Inbox
– Real-time Updates
• System Alerts
• Notifications
– Reports & Analytics
• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing
– Operation Management
• Technician Management

• Ticketing Management
– Tenant Management
• Contract Management

• Payment Processing

Values, benefits & outcomes

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Simplify contract and payment initiatives
Provides a streamlined and consolidate method to allow vendors to renew contracts and facilitate payments directly on the application platform for a seamless and convenient experience
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Streamline and simplify raising requests
Provides tenants with an effective and streamlined ticketing system that eliminates telecommunication methods via maintenance request form to reduce assessment time.
Improve management of resources
Manage and assign technicians more efficiently while overall reducing overhead costs in resource allocations and assigning maintenance tasks
Improve maintenance request response
Provides supervisors with an effective and streamlined ticketing system that eliminates telecommunication methods, provides concise maintenance related data and reduces assessment time.

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