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Key Business Pains

Commonly faced issues
with STO raising

There are many verticals and concepts that are difficult to navigate through when planning and preparing an Security Token Offering. Furthermore, a wide variety of resources are required in order to successfully cover all components of fund raising. 


Jurisdictional Restrictions

It’s often the case that companies conduct their IPO in the jurisdiction where the company operates. And it would be difficult for some investors to invest in the company.


Cost Intensive

IPOs are a highly regulated offering with a lot of processes and procedures that need to be adhered to that make IPOs highly cost intensive.


Limited Investor Base

While Investors through an IPO might invest large amounts of money, it’s not always guaranteed that you will be accepted by them you are severely limited to the amount of investors that you can approach

Solution Approach

Our Approach to Security
Token Offerings

Our STO Dashboard provides organizations and startup companies with a set of tools to seamlessly raise investments. Configure certain modules according to your requirements while ensuring you are compliant and market ready in any jurisdiction.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Be Secure & Scalable

Broaden your Investor Base

Increased Financial Transparency

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Admin Management Dashboard

The Administration Management Dashboard will provide the admin the ability to control each aspect of the crowdsale process, deal with user-related functions and access analytical data to track transactions and fully understand user behaviour.
A simple to use feature that will help you manage your current investor base, learn more about each investor and the amount they have invested in your project, and help them during an issue they are experiencing, like disabling their two factor authentication for example.
Within this section, you are able to manage your KYC/AML submissions of registered investors, you can also choose whether to whitelist their wallet address or not. We can connect this section to a 3rd party service provider so KYC verification can be done automatically or it can be performed manually by one of the administrators.
Analytics would allow you to evaluate the progress of your crowdsale during its lifecycle and also assist you in making important business decisions that could positively impact your project.
Attract more investors to your platform through the use of our bounty feature. Customize the rules, set the incentives, and finally identify the activities that you want investors to complete in order for them to receive the reward. You will have the ability to approve or decline submissions.
Generate a unique referral link for each account in your investor dashboard. Your investors will have the ability to invite various other individuals , if they invest the investor gets a bonus. Each aspect of the referral.
Give your investors the ability to your platform through a unique referral link and invest with the ability to modify the bonus that you offer to them, as well as create unique referral links for your VIP investors.

Investors Dashboard Portal

The Investor Dashboard Portal is designed for accessibility in mind. Easy to use and mobile friendly, the portal can be customized to accommodate any feature of your choice and the majority of all major currencies on the market, all while complying with legalities and regulations that are put in place with the registered jurisdiction.
By offering different payment modules to your investors, you are opening the doors up to a broader investor base. Additionally, offer your investors the flexibility to invest with the currency of their choice available on the platform.

Your investor base will have the capability to update their personal information in the profile section of the dashboard.

Along with investors updating their personal information on the dashboard, they will be able to submit their identification documents to verify their identity. The KYC verification can be customized as per your request.

Investors can view a detailed history of all the transactions that they have made during the token sale period, increasing the level of transparency.

Technology & Features

The building blocks to
STO Investment Dashboard

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

• Facilitates smart contract token creation and store transactions on blockchain

• Integrate easily with third party service providers to facilitate KYC/AML, Wallet services and more.

Features & Function

Features & Function


• AI analysis and predictive algorithms.
• Intelligent notifications.

• Customer query analytics.
• Smart human resource allocation.

Who We Are

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