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Retail Vendor Discounting Platform

Display discount and promotional offers in a consolidated manner

Provides users with unique discounts and promotional offers to their favorite stores, vendors, and restaurants, etc., and eliminate traditional paper-based methods that are limited in maximizing distribution, resource intensive, wasteful, and costly to consistently update.

Consumer Incentivized Engagement

Eliminate Traditional Methods

Informed Decision Making

Problems with current discounting platforms

Inefficient distribution
Cost & time Consuming
Non-eco- friendly

Our Approach to Retail Vendor Discounting Platform

Completely digitize the discounting and offering process to maintain eco-friendly practices while providing consumers with constant updates on promotions, and conserving an impeccable level of customer engagement.

Customizable & Unique Discounts

Users on your platform will be able to view and select offers from partner networks based on their choices. With a seamless and user friendly interface, customers will have no problem navigating the application each day to find new and exclusive offers tailored specifically for them.

For Businesses

Businesses will be presented with an administration platform that will give them the ability to add new and exciting offers each day at different times. The platform will give them the opportunity to increase their footfall. Businesses can also choose how long they would like to run their offer for. User friendly dashboard. Track analytics on offers and sales.

For Administrators

With the easy to use interface, administrators can effortlessly add new businesses, track and manage their activity as well as the application users, extract valuable customer behaviour data. Additionally administrators can also track analytics on discounts and transactions, and provide timely support to businesses and users.

The Building Blocks to Retail Vendor Discounting Platform

Technology & Tools

– Mobile Application
Built to let users find the offers and discounts of retailers. Compatible with Android and iOS.
Vendor & Admin Dashboard
Configure, manage, and monitor offers.
Language & framework agnostic
Solution can be set up in any language/framework

Features & Function

• Offers & Discounts
• Filter Search
– Real-time Updates
• System Alerts
• Notifications
– Reports & Analytics
• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing
– Discount Management
• Retail Discount Management
• Consumer Tracking Data

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