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Blockchain Product Traceability

Broaden your understanding of the products that you use.

A blockchain product traceability platform built on Hyperledger Fabric. Ensure end customers can discover the provenance of products to ensure quality standards are being met and trust is maintained.

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Tamper proof
records of provenance

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paper-based processes

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user platform

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Track orders and
deliveries in real-time

Common issues with traditional methods

Paper-based processes delay operations
Most supply chain operations depend on paper-based processes to documents order processing, loading, deliveries invoicing and more
Contractual disputes are difficult to resolve
Without definitive proof or constant monitoring, contract disputes may be difficult to resolve without technology solution in place
Lack of non-automated processes
Outdated processes that don’t require manual output are not automated and cause an increase in financial burden and time wasted.

Our approach to Blockchain Product Traceability

Through digital transformation, we take existing processes within product tracing and optimize them to allow our platform to track every stage. By leveraging technologies, such as IoT and Blockchain, we utilize extracted data to help stakeholders verify the provenance of products, materials and more. This allows for quick and reliable audits, reduces expenses and provides more accountability across your supply chain.

For End Customers

The Product Traceability solutions comes fully equipped with a dashboard and mobile application to help organizations with end-to-end processes and drive more efficiencies within operations.
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For Organizations

Likewise, this solution arms end-customers with a mobile application that provides authenticated data on provenance and product details. Ensure your customers and clients can confine trust while maintaining integrity.
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Real-time tracking of shipments from order processing to delivery
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Optimized workflows through digitization of paper-based processes
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Modular Architecture, allowing customizable modules to be integrated
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Auditable Processes through immutable data from Blockchain
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Easy to use Web and Mobile interface for business owners and customers
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Private Blockchain Network with permission based read/write access


A QR code is generated and is linked to blockchain so that a unique ID can be assigned through hashing algorithms. From here, the product’s end-to-end journey can be tracked.
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Track Provenance

As the product moves down the supply chain, each attribute such as location, handler, type of facility and more, will all be stored on blockchain so that stakeholders can discover it’s journey.

Reveal Product Details

Throughout a product’s life cycle, stakeholders (including customers) can discover immutable and secure data with insights on a product details such as:
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IoT Integration

By integrating IoT, shipment parameters can be easily tracked. Whether it’s temperature, humidity, location and more, attributes can be configured depending on the type of shipment to reveal provenance and maintain authenticity.

Platform Agnostic

Integrate with existing ERP legacy systems or use as a standalone solution. Further, configure your platform to meet any industry requirement without the limitations of tracking only one product.
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Technology, Tools & Features

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Each product has a unique QR code that is linked to the blockchain to easily tack its end-to-end journey.

IoT Integration

Easily track shipment parameters through different attributes that can be configured depending on the type of shipment
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Stakeholder applications

Manage your operations through one secured system
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Big Data

A high level big data strategy designed to help oversee and improve processes
– Real-time & Provenance Tracking
• Live Location
• Cold Chain
• Product Journey
– Attribute Configuration
• Insights
• Product Details
– Stakeholder Engagement
• Mobile Application
• Web-based Platform

Values, benefits & outcomes

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Non Disruptive Integrations
Effortlessly integrate with existing ERP Legacy Systems or use it as a standalone solution and choose which modules to integrate
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End-to-end traceability
Enable streamlined visibility of movement and stakeholders through which products transit in the supply chain.
Eliminate Counterfeiting
Clear visualization of product’s journey from manufacturer to consumer with digitized transactions

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