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Tristar Group


  • Lack of real-time data on inventories, deliveries and overall assets.
  • Information management was mostly paper based. 
  • Little to no insights on forecasting demand.
  • Maintaining accurate KPIs were a difficult task.


  • A warehousing and logistics management system. 
  • Enable data validation, monitor data ownership, and maintain audit trails.
  • Track KPIs and generate reports of various events.
  • Enable ‘Proof of Purchase’ and ‘Proof of Order’.


  • 80% improvement in operational efficiency.
  • Reduced paper-based processes significantly.
  • Improved data security via Blockchain.
  • Real-time oversight on warehousing and transportation processes.

Our Client's Challenge

Third-party logistic provider, Tristar Group, found it difficult to operate effectively without real-time data on inventories, deliveries, and overall assets. Information management was mostly paper-based making inventory management and auditing a tedious and time-consuming task. With little to no insights on forecasting demand, operation planning was inefficient and created unpredictable bottlenecks in procurement, warehouse management, distribution, and deliveries. This made maintaining accurate KPIs a difficult task. They required a solution that would integrate with their existing system as an application layer, interconnect with various stakeholders, and improve overall data integrity.

Our Solution Approach

Block Gemini worked with Tristar to develop a warehousing and logistics management system that received and utilized real-time data from IoT devices and stored it on Blockchain. Our goal was to provide greater transparency, a customer-friendly environment, and technical assistance, leading to a better logistic experience. Our technical team wanted to develop a system that enabled data validation, monitored data ownership, created audit trails, tracked KPIs, and managed user access privileges while generating reports of various events. Furthermore, we wanted to allow users (new/existing) to manage their orders based on Proof of Purchase & Proof of Order and assisted in securely taking data-driven decisions.

The End Results

Tristar now runs a single decision-support and web/tablet/mobile platform. They can monitor, track and secure purchase/sales orders, view inventories, plan and track deliveries, and view reports in a consolidated and seamless manner through a dashboard application that gives a holistic view of operations. Furthermore, by integrating blockchain, Tristar can provide customers with full real-time oversight on deliveries and the transportation process. It also allows them to provide a single point of access for all documents/records to their customers while improving the management of trusted data with little or no use of paper. Overall, we have digitally transformed a number of business transactions to allow for quicker audits.


Increased operational efficiency by 80%.


Reduced paper-based processes significantly.


Improved data security via Blockchain.


Streamlined real-time oversight over warehousing and transportation processes.


Increased operational efficiency by 80%.

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