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Digitizing facility management processes to simplify stakeholder engagement


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Al Ghurair Properties


  • Gathering of inadequate information.
  • Loss of unaccounted data.
  • Turnaround times could take up to 18 hours to address.
  • Almost no audit trails to track activity.
  • Human errors accounted for higher operational cost.


  • Develop a facilities management system.
  • simplify the process of issuing, responding and managing maintenance requests. 
  • Multi-tenant applications to improve stakeholder connectivity and engagement.
  • Digitize ticketing system.


  • Decreased response time for maintenance requests.
  • Digitized ticketing issuance system and improved lifecycle tracking.
  • Improved resolution disputes of services. 

Client Challenge

UAE-based business group, Al Ghurair, had found that its manual and paper-based process of managing maintenance requests from their tenants at their facilities was an overly complex and cumbersome task. This resulted in the gathering of inadequate information, loss of unaccounted-for data, delays in incident resolutions, and almost no audit trails to trace activity.

Al Ghurair recognized that without a digital and consolidated solution between key stakeholders, daily maintenance operations would continue to incur these issues. Al Ghuarair found that human errors accounted for higher operational costs and increased turnaround time while taking maintenance requests. Even with 70 technicians being managed by 8 supervisors, turnaround times could take up to 18 hours to address a maintenance request, let alone resolve. From receiving maintenance requests to checking technician availability via telephone, there were several factors that delay the process of addressing maintenance incidents.

Our Solution Approach

Block Gemini’s objective for this project was to digitize and automate the manual processes involved in managing maintenance requests at Al Ghurair’s facilities. By building a facilities management system that could account for stakeholders through multi-tenant applications, data could flow from one stakeholder’s application to another. This would enable tenants, supervisors, and technicians to digitally interact with one another in a more siloed, direct, and seamless manner. Our goal was to simplify the process of issuing, responding, and managing maintenance requests.

The End Results

Al Ghurair now leverages a multi-tenant facilities management system through 3 interconnected applications. Tenants are now able to fill out and directly submit maintenance request tickets on the Tenant Mobile Application within a matter of minutes. From there, supervisors can receive these tickets on a mobile or web application, and directly assign them to an available technician’s mobile device. Each ticket entails details of the incident, location, start time and media files for visual representation (photos and videos). Supervisors are also now able to stage each process of maintenance request until completion, whereas before they weren’t. This is now made possible by the technicians’ ability to remotely update tickets, leave comments and mark completion with proof of work.  


Faster response time to maintenance requests.


Efficient workforce planning and resource utilization.


Improved tracking and resolution of maintenance tickets.

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