Commercial Contract Management System

A secured and verifiable contract management system

A commercial contract management solution that acts as a single source of truth through the immutable and secure nature of blockchain.

Issue Statement

The problem with traditional
contract management

Managing contracts for large enterprises is a massive undertaking that requires the constant effort of negotiation, price agreements, reconciliation with vendors and more.

High Volume

The average Fortune 2000 company has about 20,000 - 40,000 active contracts at any given time

- PWC, 2019

High Risk

In the U.S, contract disputes represent 64% of cases in state courts

- Gartner, 2019

Low Efficiency

Companies lose 9.2% of their bottom line through ineffective contract management

- IACCM, 2019

Solution Approach

A new paradigm for managing business relationships

A platform that leverages blockchain to immutably store data, facilitate smart contract based agreement updates, & uses various tools to makes the process of creating and handling contracts seamless.

Technology Attributes:

This solution facilitates the creation of organizational hierarchies and has the ability to set authorization based roles across the organization and to external stakeholders involved.

Entities have the ability to create private channels with restrictions to control what stakeholders can access on a priority and security basis.

Entities can define and create basic to complex workflows to support contract management processes and optimize efficiencies to accommodate changing requirements.

Entities will be able to leverage bulk actions on contracts for seamless management experience, minimizing reactive and daunting tasks

Value Proposition

Leverage greater cross-party

Single Source of Truth for Contracts.

Collaborate with partners in real-time, track changes, and maintain a complete & immutable audit trail for the contract lifecycle.

Secure & Trusted Digital Authorization.

Ensure that modifications and approvals to contractual terms are accessible only to authorized participants.

Smart Contract based Automation.

Automate the execution of business rules defined in contracts without the need for human intervention.

Trusted Analytics & Reporting.

Minimize cross-party disputes with transaction analytics and reports based on trusted, tamper-proof data.

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Management Solutions

Enhance supply-chain

Author, Negotiate & Sign Contracts

Create KPI & SLA Agreements

Create Price & Voucher Agreements.

View Analytics & Customized Reports.

Technology & Features

The Building Blocks to AI
Surveillance System

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

Each participant is issued a node on the network. Governance is managed by transparently auditable smart contracts

Existing systems can be leveraged so that data and processes can be consolidated.

Both cloud or on-premise deployment can be implemented for this solution.

Features & Function

Features & Function

  • Private Channels (for vendors/suppliers)
  • Permissioned Read/Write
  • Catalog Approval Workflow
  • Catalog Creation
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Item/Voucher Consumption
  • Value Leakage Analytics
  • Pricing & contractual

Values, benefits & outcomes

Integrated Analytics

Gather analytics from multiple applications and tools with a holistic overview of all data in a consolidated manner

Consolidated Database

Maintain a trusted and shared Repository of contractual records

Improve Value Leakage Reporting

Generate accurate Value Leakage Reports that cannot be disputed by the contracting parties

Eliminate Contractual Disputes

Eliminating litigation costs owing to contractual disputes.

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