Aviation Surveillance & Inspection

Enhance Turnaround Systems using Artificial Intelligence

An AI-based, Apron turnaround system that improves and speeds up turnaround systems, aircraft inspection time, automated alerts and data processing within apron environments.

Key Business Pains

Common issues with traditional
aviation operations.

Not all data is captured and utilized efficiently within turnaround systems and prevents quicker turnaround times, proper allocation of resources and more
Separate Data & Information Silos

Most airlines use thousands of applications and systems that do not transmit data/information in an interconnected manner


Human Error and Dependencies

Many operational decisions rely on traditional communication methods, leading to an increased probability of errors


Inefficient Resource Management
Communication lines are not unified or consolidated on one channel, and complicate the management of customer service, internal management and more.

Solution Approach

Our Approach to Aviation Surveillance & Inspection

A surveillance and inspection platform that integrates into existing databases, surveillance systems and UAVs to collect and/or utilize data for driving efficiencies within turnaround system processes. Our platform is powered by a state of the art AI engine that provides extra added value benefits for more efficient outcomes.

AI-based Tracking & Detection

Process & Operation Tracking

Predictive Maintenance

Data Analytics & Reporting

Activity Surveillance

The Activity Surveillance Module is an overview dashboard that monitors the entire operation process within aprons, and captures data to formulate analytics and informational insights.

Turnaround Tracking

The Turnaround Tracking Module tracks the end-to-end process of turnarounds within the apron area. Through AI and timestamps, individual operations are identified and tagged from start to finish. This module captures data and allows supervisors to optimize operations accordingly.

Maintenance Crew Application

By scanning the aircraft with a smart UAV, the application will receive data (results) that a supervisor or engineer can inspect (regarding current conditions). From there, the stakeholder can then decide whether or not a line-engineer is required to further inspect or make repairs.

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Key Business Benefits 

Improve apron operations
with smart solutions.

By integrating our AI engine solution into existing or new surveillance systems, management can better understand the activity that happens within their airport apron and optimize operational processes accordingly.

Apron Operation & Process Tracking

Apron activities such as operations and processes can be monitored, tracked, and detected to provide insights on progress, performance and more through surveillance systems.

Automated Aircraft Inspection

Using UAVs, aircraft inspection processes can be automated to built accurate and insightful reports on aircraft conditions and maintenance requirements prior to the deployment of engineers

KPI Analytics & Reports

An analytics dashboard that processes captured data to output KPIs, progress and inspection reports, activity information and more

AI Tracking, Detection & Identification

With the use of Artificial Intelligence, tracking detection and identification of data can be processed to trigger automations, analytical information, reports and more.

Technology & Features

The Building Blocks to Aviation
Surveillance & Inspection

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

Each process and operation is tracked using AI detection technology (Deep learning, Machine learning, AI timestamps, etc) to inspect aircraft and their surroundings. As a result, this feature produces data that identifies current conditions and provides smart suggestions for protocols

Used to scan and Inspect aircraft surface conditions with 3D imaging, monitors leaks and more. Integration with existing and new surveillance systems are also possible.

Used to store data for inspection report audits and executes smart-contract to prevents UAVs entering prohibited zones

All relevant stakeholders will entail their own application.

Features & Function

Features & Function

• Asset detection
• AI Timestamp.

• System Alerts
• Notifications

• Custom Tracking Data
• Custom Data Processing

• Surveillance Monitor
• Turnaround Tracking

• Surveillance Monitor
• Turnaround Tracking

• Manager App
• Engineer App

Values, benefits & outcomes

Auto-Track Operations & KPI

Assists managers in monitoring and overseeing operation through automated tracking and detection technology that brings forward greater transparency

Automated Alerting System

Through AI algorithms, events can be detected to automatically notify stakeholders of processes completed, accidents/incidents, security breaches and more.

Discover deeper operational insights

All processes are linked to AI-based timestamps and detection algorithms that track when a task is started or completed, with insights on which assets and operators are involved.

Reduced Inspection Time

Because UAVs are autonomous and scan aircrafts quicker than conventional methods with more efficiency and accuracy, inspection turnaround times can be reduced significantly.

Improved Resource Allocation

Line engineers can be assigned tasks on a priority basis once inspection results have been submitted to better help managers allocate resources more efficiently.

Quicker Maintenance Turnarounds

Once resources have been allocated efficiently, engineers can focus on aircrafts that require the most maintenance and attention rather than manually inspections or depending on maintenance life cycles.

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