Vending Machine Management

Optimized Inventory and Payment Transactions

The Vending Machine Management System is an application and IoT device based solution that allows vending machine companies to better manage inventory and payment transactions.

Key Business Pains

Common issues with traditional
traditional methods.

A lack of transparency within vending machines regarding inventory stocks, consumer behaviour, and maintenance is not present and entails unnecessary cost that can be significantly reduced.


Lack of Live Inventory Information

Outdated and manual processes entail human errors, delayed processes, are non transparent and much more.


Lack of Analytical Reporting

When systems are not interconnected, there is a lack of analytics revolving import and export orders, KPIs, updates, and more.


Lack of Transparent Machine Conditions

Traditionally, custom processes lack the ability for real-time updates, alerts and notification of import or export activity.

Solution Approach

Our Approach to Vending Machine Management

An end to end solution for vending machine companies to retrofit their existing vending machines with IoT devices secured by blockchain technology, which can be integrated into their legacy ERP systems.

Inventory Management

Maintenance Management

Digital Payment Gateway

KPI & Data Analytics

Block Gemini - Alley Way

Solution Approach

Admin Dashboard

Effortlessly access analytics (performance and revenue stats), and monitor the conditions of vending machines for seamless operation management.

Dashboard Features:

Solution Approach

Driver Mobile Application

The driver application will provide the driver with information on inventory levels in the vending machines and will send real time stock-out alerts to the drivers. The driver application will also utilize inventory details to optimize route plans for pre-kitting thus saving time and fuel.

Inventory Planning:

Inventory Planning:

Restocking Alert

Solution Approach

Customer Mobile Application

The Customer Mobile App enables customers to better access vending products for a greater customer experience.

Customer App Features:

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Key Business Benefits 

Solution Benefits

Automated Maintenance & Inventory Management

Through smart contracts and IoT devices, machine maintenance and inventory management can be converted to automated processes.

Performance Analytics & Reports

Discover data related insights through auto generate analytics reports on imports/exports, operation activity, purchase habits, and more.

Driver Application

Allows for inventory, optimized trip planning and provides automated alerts for out of stock machines.

Customer Mobile Application

Customers can leverage the mobile app to find machines, make cashless payments and earn loyalty points.

Technology & Features

The Building Blocks to AI
Surveillance System

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

• Stores transaction records and leverages smart contracts for inventory management alerts

• Provides connectivity to blockchain network for vending machines

• Existing ERP systems can be easily integrated

• Flexible options for facilitating application on and off premise

•All relevant stakeholders will entail their own application

Features & Function

Features & Function

• Inventory restock automation
• Product Inventory

• System Alerts
• Notifications

• Vendor Tracking Metrics
• Consumer Analytics Data

• Technician Management
• Ticketing Management

Values, benefits & outcomes

Smart data reporting

Through data gathering and analytical outputs, reveal consumer behaviors, demography, vendor performance and more.

Automated maintenance & inventory management

Through smart contracts and IoT devices integrated within the machine, restock and maintenance operations will be automated so that the appropriate stakeholder can be assigned tasks or stay informed.

Informed Decision Making

Make justifiable business decision by tracking machine performance and consumer behavior alike to improve inventory restock, machine maintenance, revenue, and more through automated mechanism.

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