Logistics & Transportation Optimization

Optimize your Logistics & Transportation Management System

From warehouse management to transportation planning and execution, our solutions streamline communication and data reporting, ensure quicker deliveries, and lower fleet operating costs to align with customer and market demands.

Key Business Pains

Common issues with traditional methods

Inefficient operational processes, contractual disputes, and repetitive labor-intensive tasks reduce supply chain visibility and hinder operational planning to avoid bottlenecks.


Paper-based processes delay operations


Most supply chain operations depend on paper-based records that are prone to human errors and are labor-intensive to manage.



Lack of communication gives rise to contractual disputes.

 Fragmented information and lack of communication result in mistrust among suppliers and customers giving rise to contractual disputes.


Lack of non-automated processes

Outdated processes that don’t require manual output are not automated and cause an increase in financial burden and time wasted.

Solution Approach

Our approach to Logistics
Transportation Optimization

By digitally transforming existing processes that can be converged with technology, our platform tracks all aspects of your operations so that data can be used to manage, assign and verify the completion of tasks. From trip planning, tracking deliveries and issuing invoices for customers or audits, our platform is built to minimize workload, reduce expenses and provide more accountability across your supply chain.

Reduce paper-based

Track orders and deliveries
in real-time

Track KPIs and operational performances

Minimize contractual disputes

Block Gemini - Supply Chain & Logistics

Solution Design

Better manage operations

Our logistics and transportation solution enables 3PLs, logistics companies and enterprises to better manage and track logistics with new or existing technology systems.

Block Gemini - Supply Chain & Logistics

Manager Mobile App

Through the manager mobile app, managers can leverage this powerful tool to remotely monitor orders from sales/purchases, processing, to delivery with GPS track and trace capabilities.

Customer/Client Mobile App

Arm your customers/clients with a mobile app that tracks the journey and life cycle of orders with real-time updates and trip details.

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Built for optimization,
made to enhance operations

Real-time tracking of shipments from order processing to delivery

Optimized workflows through digitization of paper-based processes

Seamless Integration with legacy systems through custom APIs

Auditable Processes through
immutable data from Blockchain

Modular Architecture, allowing
customizable modules to be integrated

Easy to use Web and Mobile interface for business owners and customers

Private Blockchain Network with permission based read/write access

Technology & Features

The Building Blocks to Logistics
& Transportation Optimization

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

Uniquely designed private network built on Hyperledger with permissioned read/write access

Easily track shipment parameters through different attributes that can be configured depending on the type of shipment

Monitor, analyze and manage processes, stakeholders and more

Integration of external features as needed

Features & Function

Features & Function

• Trip Planner
• Real-time Tracking

• Insights
• Reports/KPI
• Operational Processes
• Product Details

• Mobile Application
• Web-based Platform

Values, benefits & outcomes

Non Disruptive Integrations
Effortlessly integrate with existing ERP Legacy Systems or use it as a standalone solution and choose which modules to integrate

Improved Security Infrastructure

Improved visibility for every permissioned stakeholder of a transaction. Facilities business decisions and reporting

Smarter Workflows

Optimize workflows through the digitization of paper-based processes to reduce the time and cost involved.

Who We Are

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Helping enterprises since 2017 to overcome operational and business challenges.

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