AI Customer Service

Customer service solutions
leveraged by artificial intelligence

Our customer service solution utilizes the power of AI technology and merges it with data coming from different sources to provide users with an unparalleled facility experience.

Key Business Pains

Common issues with traditional methods

Current customer service personnel can only provide limited information, consume resources, and are not required
for the majority of the time they are present.
Limited Information Depository
Customer Service agents have access to limited Information and require checking additional resources to obtain specific information.

Under Utilized Resources

Agents are not always working at full capacity, and are only really needed during peak hours when customer service is required.

Solution Approach

Our Approach to AI-based Customer Service

A virtual and physical solution that eliminates the need for customer service personnel and replaces it with an augmented data structure that can provide a wealth of information to the user in a matter of seconds.

AI Customer Service Assistant

In-depth Analytics Reporting

Consumer & Retail Tracking

KPI & Data Analytics

Solution Design

Breaking down the AI Customer
Service Process

Through virtual and physical means, data can be conglomerated, accessed, and processed, providing a large amount of useful information at the hands of the consumer, driving their business decisions, and learning from their habits.

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Key Business Benefits 

Leverage AI to promote optimal
business growth

By understanding customer-centric processes, we can leverage AI to implement new concepts to improve customer service lifecycles. From reducing workload operations and automating stakeholder engagement, to improving customer experience, our AI solution promotes business growth in various aspects.

Reduce & optimize human resources.
Reduce human resources, and optimize their working time by leveraging and linking Natural Language Processing to facility and vendor databases
Smart Query Suggestions/Predictions
Provide real time solutions to customer queries by utilizing AI algorithms to understand user queries and provide relevant information or additional assistance in real time.
Increased Sales
Increase sales and spread vendor diversification by exposing users to a wider variety of stores based on their product searches and behaviors.
Automated Alerts & Notifications
Drive mobile application downloads through incentives and dependencies by helping users make better purchasing decisions, and navigate efficiently.

Technology & Features

The Building Blocks to AI
Customer Service

Technology & Tools

Technology & Tools

Customer vocal or typed requests are processed, turned into consumer solutions and predicted purchasing habits.
Limited, controlled, and secure data is shared to drive vendor sales, increase sale diversification, and ease customer mobility.
Necessary data can be provided directly from vendor and facility systems; the virtual solution is an extension of the already existing E-Commerce platform.
Stationary Helpers: Kiosks can be used to extend the solution to customers not associated with the mall app.

Features & Function

Features & Function

• Natural language processing.
• Database aggregation and processing.
• AI analysis and predictive algorithms.
• Intelligent notifications.
• Customer query analytics.
• Smart human resource allocation.

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