Identity Management

Identity Management System

Through this solution, customers can verify their identity while remaining anonymous using their unique identification key. This eliminates the need for carrying around sensitive documents to register KYC details. Customers also have the option to update KYC details which can be done using their unique identification key along with 2FA security.


Here's what Identity Management gives you:

Immutable and secure identity

All verified KYC documents will be encrypted and stored on Blockchain.

One Time KYC

Customers only have to register once on NAS's blockchain enabled platform, after in which all further compliance will be handled through their unique smart contract ID.

Permissioned Access

KYC details are easily accessible through the platform by users having the right level of access, while only sharing relevant data about the customer.

Access Partner Services

Customers can access NAS's partner services including hotel reservations, travel agencies, vehicle rentals and others through their verified ID with NAS.

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