Blockchain Smart City

A Smart City Powered by Blockchain

Smart Cities are becoming the interest of governing societies globally. Combining blockchain with AI & IoT, smart city concepts can interconnect services and technologies to help improve and expand the way data and communication is utilized for managing assets and resources efficiently. Block Gemini’s smart solutions for cities provide a wide range of implementations that combine infrastructure automation with software as a service(SaaS). Our mission alternative to cities using blockchain is to implement our solutions to create more smart cities with seamless integration of data, technologies and configurable blockchain platforms.

Smart City
Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records

Provide fast, reliable and secure access to patient medical histories, prescription records and past test results.

Supply Chain for Pharmaceuticals

Verify the authenticity of pharmaceuticals, management of inventory, or track the ownership of prescriptions and shipment history of medications.

Insurance claims

Connect healthcare facilities, physicians, insurers and patients to improve the quality of care patients receives. Create seamless medical insurance claims.


Why apply Blockchain

Blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger, Ethereum, and various blockchain infrastructure's have tremendous potential to reshape multiple industries such as finance, supply chain, education, healthcare, etc, to help set the new industry standard in each respective market.

why apply Blockchain

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