Exchange Development

Exchange Development

Provide an online exchange that facilitates the acquisition of digital currencies. With an online application, customers will be able to login, securely exchange currencies, buy or sell with/for fiat, and deposit funds to institute investments. Users can confidently rely on cold storage as a primary feature to secure their long-term investments.


Why a Digital Currency Exchange Platform:


KYC / AML integration allows a verification process to take place in order to authenticate a user identity.

Send & Receive

Send and receive assets through a user specific address that is generated for each profile.

Buy & Sell Orders

Place buy and sell orders specific to the amount of profit that you are looking to make.

Credit Card Processing

Have the option to deposit fiat currency to place an order for the currency of your choice.

Other Solutions In Fintech Industry

Interested in blockchain?


Why apply Blockchain

Blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger, Ethereum, and various blockchain infrustrators have tremendous potential to reshape multiple industries such as finance, supply chain, education, healthcare, etc, to help set the new industry standard in each respective market.

why apply Blockchain

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