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The pharmaceutical industry is driving towards a harmonized ecosystem.

The pressure to accelerate innovation, optimize production and comply with regulations is a matter all pharmaceutical companies must take into account when transformation is around the corner. From combating counterfeits to optimizing supply chains for improved efficiency, pharmaceutical companies have a wide range of industry pains that require technological attention in the era of digital transformation. That’s where we come in.

Optimize the complex processes within the
pharmaceutical Industry

We understand the common industry pains faced within the pharmaceutical industry, and by focusing on areas that drive new value creations rather than the must have of certain technologies, we can help implement business optimization and/or transformative strategies that convert into robust and sound solutions. 


Areas of focus we deliver value in.

Technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have the capability to integrate into, or create entirely new systems that transform the way enterprises operate. We help companies by providing transformative solutions that will improve processes and provide a number of business benefits 

Inventory Management (Warehousing)

Through technology and/or systems integrations, existing WMSs can orchestrate across disparate networks, facilities, stakeholders, inventory and more operations to dynamically monitor and manage assets.

Cold Chain Management

By integrating various technologies within cold chain environments, current conditions of assets can be monitored, managed and reported on using real-time data and leveraged by existing or new systems.  

Product Traceability

Through IoT devices transmitting data metrics, such as GPS coordinates, temperature conditions, stakeholder handling and much more, existing or new systems can provide greater transparency on traceability and provenance.  

Transportation Management

By leveraging IoT, blockchain and cloud, systems can enable real-time monitoring of deliveries in transit. Furthermore, by embedding smart contracts, real-time alerts of condition changes can be triggered to inform stakeholders and automate the execution of contingencies plans

Case Study

Pharmaceutical distribution company, Arabian Ethicals, would sometimes face rapid degradation of medicines stored in their warehouses and in transit deliveries.

Segmented Consulting Services

Our business and technical team understands the importance of proper requirement gathering in order to achieve the desired business results expected by our clients. Here are some industry segments that can greatly benefit from technology solutions today.

With the right amount of planning and technical expertise, we can input technology points, bridge the gap between strategy and design, and help ensure that your supply chain is not held back in any manner.

Leverage existing or new IoT devices and networks to capture health data which plays an increasing role in specific healthcare applications. This would result in cost savings, improved security and much more with powerful dashboard control systems.

Whether you have an existing method or plan on updating to a new method, our barcoding and RFID product serialization method allows each partner in the supply chain to track product at every step from the point of manufacture to the moment it’s in the consumer’s hands.

Creating a methodology for data collection and data management is key for Traceability of products. Our Barcoding and RFID approaches reduce the labor burden and most importantly, errors. By this method you can reduce costs, streamline processes, improve efficiency, and gain transparency.

Discover how existing or newly designed systems can integrate technologies to control all the logistics functions from a single access point starting from purchase, inventory, warehouse, distribution and sale. This results in reduced costs, increased productivity, and eliminates downtime involved in managing processes and operations.

Solution Showcase

Accelerate your solution approach

Some challenges don’t require reinventing the wheel. We provide access to solutions that help your business tackle industry pains while optimizing in a seamless manner.


Optimize Transportation and Management Systems

Leverage powerful logistics and tracking attributes by enabling more transparency and optimization within transportation processes


Broaden your understanding of the products that you use.

Ensure all stakeholders can discover the provenance of products to ensure quality standards are being met and trust is maintained.


Discover real-time insights on import and export activity

A Blockchain-powered Logistics solution that tracks imports and exports for customs related initiatives within supply chain companies


A secured and verifiable contract management system

A commercial contract management tool built on Hyperledger Fabric and acts as a single source of truth through the immutable and secure nature of blockchain.

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