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Kick start your token offering in a matter of weeks through our efficient and robust ICO launch program.

Blockchain technology has enabled a new wave of crowdfunding that has overtaken venture capital funding in the past year. ICO's are quickly becoming the quintessential way for Blockchain based companies to raise funds for their projects, while creating a store of value in the process. Block Gemini provides end-to-end services from conceptualization to promotion of your ICO. Our highly experienced and professional team can develop tailor made solutions that guarantee a successful and secure crowdsale. learn more

Customized solutions based on cutting-edge technologies to get your business blockchain ready.

Blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger and Ethereum have tremendous potential to reshape multiple industries including, finance, supply chain, education, healthcare and more, and help set new standards in each respective market. Block Gemini’s experienced team is constantly innovating blockchain solutions using the most advanced technologies in the space, and we want to do the same for you. Simply take us through your business processes and we can devise the perfect solution and implementation strategies, based on your unique requirements, that can have you blockchain ready in a matter of months. learn more

Now you can execute business contracts fairly and efficiently through smart software protocols.

Automation is an essential component of today’s business processes as cutting costs, saving time, reducing manpower, and executing every process in a secured way is becoming more and more critical. Smart contracts have the capacity to address this niche and the Block Gemini team brings extensive expertise in building smart contracts in Ethereum and Hyperledger Chaincode, to optimize processes and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. Additionally, our team can help audit smart contracts to ensure the security and efficiency of your code. learn more

DApps are open-sourced applications that bring the decentralized blockchain to the global community.

DApps, or decentralized applications, can be built on blockchain and offer a fast, organized, and secure approach to distributed business processes. Block Gemini has experience in creating decentralized apps that provide a simple user experience powered by the most secure platform on the internet. While Bitcoin and Ethereum are loosely considered DApps, the platforms that are being built upon these blockchains show us the true potential of DApps. Being decentralized, DApps need a majority consensus to make votes, thereby interacting with the entire community to maintain network integrity. learn more

We provide expert advice on implementing cutting edge blockchain technologies to your business processes.

At Block Gemini, we don’t believe in just creating blockchain solutions, rather we believe in co-creating them. We may be the experts, but you know your requirements, needs and expectations better. We have a highly qualified team of experts and consultants who can provide valuable input on the scope of your requirements and the potential blockchain applications that can supplement those desires. Our approach to blockchain consulting is focused on proposing a solution that not only satisfies our clients but also gives them an in depth look at the processes and nuances involved in building the solution. learn more


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our solutions

Cutting edge blockchain solutions
for multipule industries



Cross-border payment system

This solution significantly reduces costs and time constraints, while providing a secure and trusted platform to carry out banking transactions. Users can also make transactions anonymously while meeting all KYC and AML regulations at the same time. Additionally, all transaction records can be accessed in real time and are cryptographically secured on the Blockchain network.


Global Trade

Transport & warehousing

Supply chains can be rigid. Blockchains are dynamic. It is now possible to interlace the two; at Block Gemini, we intend to do just that. With the help of the blockchain’s immutability, we can access validation points all throughout a shipment’s lifespan, with ensured confidence of zero tampering. We can also begin to connect the dots from big data in ways we never have before.



Identity management

Through this solution, customers can verify their identity while remaining anonymous using their unique identification key, eliminating the need for them to carry around sensitive documents, every time they need to register KYC details. Customers also have the option to update KYC details which can be done using their unique identification key along with 2FA security.



Consumer product tracking

Through our blockchain based solution, consumers can transparently track where their clothes or food comes from. Block Gemini will help every step of the supply chain understand the other’s process, to give full transparency to the operation. Money will no longer slip through the cracks, as you will be able to see where every dime gets spent.



Check issuance system

This solution enables banks to issue checks that are impossible to forge or manipulate. The platform integrates with existing banking systems to create an additional layer of security and enable banks and their customers to securely execute checking transactions on a trusted online portal / mobile application. The application provides a seamless, albeit welcome addition to an already robust financial instrument.



Cryptocurrency exchange platform

An online exchange house that would facilitate the purchase/sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The process will include an online application where customers can login and perform exchanges between any fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. The exchange will be a tool having purchase/sale and deposit functionality, with the main feature being cold storage for long-term investment.



Cryptocurrency wallet application

Cryptocurrency Wallets are secure digital wallets used to store, send and receive digital currencies. The wallet stores your private key that can lock or unlock any record of transactions stored on the blockchain. Block Gemini’s cryptocurrency wallets are designed to extend a high level of security, assuring of the best of security protocols and enhancements available in the market.



Insurance tracking and settlement

This solution helps minimize or eliminate legal disputes as all data and transactions will be logged on the Insurance company's blockchain and available in real time to all relevant parties. Data stored on Blockchain is immutable and easily auditable. This allows insurance policies and settlements to be handled on a single Blockchain based platform, while insurance policies will be programmed into smart contracts.



Peer-to-peer crowdfunding

Block Gemini has developed a crowdfunding platform that enables lenders and borrowers to come together on a decentralized blockchain based network, that is trustworthy, transparent, and most importantly, fair to both borrowers and lenders. By cutting the middleman, lenders can earn higher returns compared to savings and investment products offered by banks, while borrowers can borrow money at lower interest rates.



Copyright Management Platform

The easily accessible nature of content that we experience in the world that we live in today, allows for it to be easily manipulated or copied. The integration of blockchain creates a new level of monetization for content creators, through the use of the platform that we have developed, users have the ability earn verifiable accreditation for the content that you have created. The platform can be customized as you see fit to create a unique user experience.



Decentralized Social Media Network

An Ethereum based platform that builds the groundwork for a censorship-resistant social media network. As Social Media is widely used as a means for sourcing entertainment, news and community interactions, our platform gives you a whole new experience that provides the benefits of stability and security, designed with community building in mind. Be incentivised to participate in the community by sharing and creating content across the network.



Asset Backed Tokens

This solution uses blockchain technology to issue tokens backed by assets. The value of each token will be tied to the value of the asset, giving investors a reliable investment in a volatile market. All transactions are controlled by smart contracts and available for all to verify on a distributed ledger. Investors can also make trades instantly, securely, anonymously and without any intermediaries.



Decentralized Voting System

With this solution, businesses and even governments can now make decisions with their peers from anywhere in the world in real time. By employing the transparency and security of blockchain, along with the accountability of smart contracts, individuals can vote, even anonymously, without having to trust the other parties on the network. Additionally the platform lets users view statistics and details about previous voting sessions.



Document sharing platform

This solution provides a document sharing platform that facilitates the exchange and processing of confidential documents. The process will include an online portal/mobile application where users can login and securely upload sensitive documents to be shared with their clients. Users have complete authority over the database and they can even process documents anonymously.

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