Fintech Blockchain

Cross-border payment

This solution significantly reduces costs and time constraints, while providing a secure and trusted platform to carry out banking transactions. Users can also make transactions anonymously while meeting all KYC and AML regulations at the same time. Additionally, all transaction records can be accessed in real time and are cryptographically secured on the Blockchain network.


Why a Cross-border Payments Platform:

Instant Transactions

Complete cross-border remittances in under two minutes.


Blockchain helps eliminate the need for third party intermediaries in a transaction, significantly reducing costs.

Real Time Reports

User can get reports on the status of their transactions in real time.

Auditable Transactions

The entire transaction history of a user will be easily auditable as all data will be encrypted and stored on blockchain.

Minimal Transaction Fees

Cross-border transactions using distributed ledgers considerably reduce transaction costs.

Other Solutions In Fintech Industry

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Why apply Blockchain

Blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger and Ethereum and many more has tremendous potential to reshape multiple industries including, finance, supply chain, education, healthcare and much more while helping set a new standard in each respective market.

why apply Blockchain

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