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Digitally Improving Customer Loyalty and Experience

Challenges & Business Pains

According to a survey conducted by Codebroker, 54% of American consumers think it is frustrating when loyalty programs cannot be accessed from a smartphone. This can often result in expired loyalty points, coupons and missed opportunities due to consumers not being aware of these offerings in time. Furthermore, research conducted by 3Cinteractive has found 53% of consumers are unsure of how many points they have collected from favorite loyalty programs. This can become especially problematic when companies require a major shift in attention towards customer loyalty but are not aware of the pitfalls of providing these offerings.

Although there are many ways retailers can capitalize on providing loyalty programs or easily distribute accessible promotional offerings, many business owners are simply not engaging customers effectively and/or use outdated paper-based methods that are resource intensive.

Why digitizing loyalty programs and promotional offerings is the way to go

Whether you’re a retail facility owner looking for a way to attract more visitors, or you operate a retail store and require a robust system that further engages customer loyalty, digitizing your offerings is by far the most effective way to encourage customers to willingly return through incentivized offerings. Below we have identified and listed reasons why our digitized loyalty program can garner these results effectively.

1. Remove limitations of sticking with only one offering

Whether you want to offer digital coupons, promotions or loyalty points that customers can redeem, using a digitized loyalty program can allow you to create any kind of offering that’s available on the market. This allows retailers to test what works best for engaging your customers in a feasible manner without the limitation of investing into one type of offering.

2. Push notifications for better customer engagement

Oftentimes, customers can quickly forget they have offerings waiting to be used or are unaware of new offerings that can be redeemed. By using push notification, a digital loyalty program can notify customers when offers are soon to be expired, or when there’s a new hot promotion waiting for them.

3. Seamless offer configurations & management

Offerings require planning, execution and deployment. These are all things that require constant careful effort from retailers who are looking to further engage their customers’ loyalty. However, with a digitized loyalty program, a set of parameters, settings and templates are preconfigured for you to create your offering within a matter of minutes. This can help reduce the amount of time needed to deploy your offering while reaching your customer in seconds.

4. Depleting resource needed to sustain physical methods

As technology evolves, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce material based processes and converge them into digital applications. By digitizing your loyalty programs, you can reduce resources needed to sustain these outdated methods and while contributing towards a more environmentally friendly practice. The days of paper coupons and plastic loyalty cards over!

By digitizing your existing or next loyalty program, your business can connect with customers in much more engaging ways that build long term loyalty with convenience in mind. Retailers should also keep in mind that digitization can also help reduce costs, simplify program management, and experiment without the burden of wasted resources or failed strategies.

If you would like to learn more about how our Customer Loyalty Program Application can help benefit your retail business, or would simply like to understand how this solution can be leveraged in different industries, feel free to visit the Customer Loyalty Program Application page or contact us to start a dialogue!

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