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Using AI for a Smarter customer service experience

Customer Services Challenges & Business Pains

Customer service can be a crucial component to any business looking to assist customers and maintain great relations. This requires hiring personnel with great communication skills, an understanding of key information, and is efficient in problem solving. However, when taking a closer look at customer services within the retail facility space, such as malls or outlets, representatives typically provide limited information on all stores, consume resources, and are not required for the majority of the time they are present. This can become especially problematic when faced with both an increased rate of foot traffic or a lack of it.

How Artificial Intelligence can improve customer service within retail facilities

Although there are a number of solutions that use AI to aid the process of customer service, such as AI chatbots, biometric detection, and intent prediction for example, most of these solutions do not tackle the current business pains that are often encountered in face to face interactions within the retail space. Fortunately, this does not mean that artificial intelligence should be disavowed as a solution for consideration.

By leveraging stationary Kiosks with tablets and an AI-based customer service application, customers can simply type or use voice controlled commands to fetch information about a particular vendor. Once data is gathered and inputted into the system by the customer, AI can be used over time to track consumer interests to better understand customer needs, provide smart suggestions, predictive queries, voice to text commands, and much more to improve search results. The result is an autonomous, quick and smarter customer service system that provides more efficient outputs than human resources.

Furthermore, this system can integrate with retail inventory databases to list product categories for accurate custom search results so that the right products or services are provided to the right customer. This could enable customers to reserve a restaurant table in advance or check whether a new product is in stock without having to physically enquire themselves.

How can retail facilities benefit from implementing AI customer service?

Other than increased customer satisfaction, an AI Customer Service Kiosk system can present a number of attractive business related benefits for retail facilities looking to reduce expenses, increase conversions and much more.

Reduce and optimize human resources

By using customer service kiosks, retail facilities can significantly reduce human resources, and optimize their working time. This can be facilitated by leveraging and linking natural language processing to facility and vendor databases so that the customer service process can be automated and autonomous

Provide real-time solution customer queries

Over time, as customers input search queries into the system, AI algorithms can better help understand user queries and provide relevant information or additional assistance in real time. This will lead to a smarter and autonomous system.

Increase sales and spread vendor diversification

By fully integrating into existing inventory databases and leveraging algorithms that understand the connection between search queries and products/services, retail facilities can help increase vendor awareness by exposing users to a wider variety of stores based on their product searches and behavior.

As we move into a more automated, autonomous and technological world, retailers will be faced with more solutions that leverage AI to greatly benefit both business and customer related interests.

If you would like to learn more about how our Smart AI Customer Service solution can help benefit your retail business, or would simply like to understand how this solution can be leveraged in different industries, feel free to visit the Smart AI Customer Service page or Contact Us to start a dialogue!

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